Smarter Materials for Greener Exteriors … Period

Unique products that minimize stormwater and elevate the urban experience … both literally and figuratively.

Our goal here at Lake Street Supply is to provide you with unique materials that undeniably outperform conventional options and minimize the environmental impact of stormwater runoff and human activity. We like to think of it as elevating the urban experience … both literally and figuratively.

Here’s the thing:

We humans spend a lot of our time looking down. At our feet, at our sidewalks, at our lawns. Putting one foot in front of the other is how we make things happen, after all.

The problem? We rarely see what’s up above. And if we never look up, we ignore a huge environmental and real estate opportunity … namely, rooftops.

Roof structures are among the most available and versatile flat spaces in our cities.

Not only are they highly underutilized, they can give us a huge leg up in the fight against stormwater.

After all, the vast majority of stormwater that falls on a city lands first on a rooftop. Why not put that space to good use?

So that’s what we do.

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We make city life greener through the intelligent application of sustainable systems on rooftops (as well as at grade).

Our goal is to make sure every client knows where to find every component to build an effective, efficient and – if desired – beautiful space.

We offer individual parts and fully cohesive assemblies to capture stormwater, transform bare membranes to vegetated systems and make our rooftops bloom.

What is an assembly, exactly? Glad you asked: It’s a system of related components that work together to achieve a desired end, such as stormwater retention or detention. Luckily for you and the nation (we say modestly), creating intelligent assemblies is exactly what we do.

Plus, we make it easy for you by:

Estimation Graphic

Majorly simplifying the complicated estimating process for our parts and assemblies

Delivery Graphic

Arranging deliveries of products to your warehouse, the jobsite or anywhere else

Consulting Graphic

Consulting on your project, from simple stormwater solutions to exquisite amenity space

Also, don’t forget about our COVERAGE CALCULATORS, essential estimating tools you won’t find anywhere else … and that will help you make the right decisions in the moment, no matter your project.

Bottom line:

If you’re looking for smart systems that prioritize performance, you’ll find them here at Lake Street Supply. We work with hundreds of clients to help you realize the project you’re envisioning or serve your own clients to the best of your ability.

Because, well, we’re just cool like that.

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Think of Us as True Experts of Whole Assemblies

We take pride in designing fully cohesive, interlocking solutions that become whole systems larger than the sum of their parts.

If you’ve spoken to us before, you know we like to nerd out about assemblies.

That’s because components designed to work together do so much more efficiently than individual pieces that don’t know how to play nice.


To that end, we prioritize completely realized, customizable, one-stop-shop assemblies for architects, builders, installers and more.

Take vegetated roofs, for instance, which include a membrane, root barrier, drainage layer, growing media and plants. Now, do you really want to have to find all those pieces yourself and hope for the best?

Of course not. And we don’t think you should have to … which is why we’re here. If you’re a contractor or supplier looking for whole assemblies that get the job done, you’ve found us. (And if you’re a homeowner, we’re happy to refer one of our favorite residential contractors in the area, so just ask.)

Bottom line: We give you the best. Because if it isn’t the best, it’s a waste of time. No thanks to that.

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