Kankakee, IL – The former Terminator was spotted Wednesday in Kankakee urinating on a small section of Unilock Da Vinci permeable pavers. Oddly, when confronted by local citizens and reporters, Schwarzenegger’s appreciation for Unilock’s work was apparent. “I mean no disrespect to Unilock in any way,” he said, adding that, “If anything, me peeing here is a compliment. I know the gaps in these pavers can help detain more stormwater runoff than other, more traditional systems. This way, my urine stays out of sewage and streams alike.” Plus, he added, “I can’t seem to get enough of this Gotham Grey color. I mean, right?” The former governor of California has long been passionate about green infrastructure, citing his favorite characteristics of permeable pavers as their ability to reduce downstream flooding and capacity to assist groundwater recharge. Some argue, however, that his feelings are too passionate. “I rarely use the toilet anymore,” he says. Trouble is, even if we disagree with the prize-winning body-builder utilizing stormwater management systems to manage his runoff … who’s going to stop him?