Urbana, IL – Pop Star Beyoncé Knowles was spotted Sunday enjoying her newly constructed extensive green roof at her vacation home in Urbana. The former Destiny’s Child star has always had a passion for stormwater management, according to her sister, Solange. “I truly believe if she wasn’t doing music and movies and all her charity and foundation work and raising her children, she would be doing stormwater management,” says Solange. After viewing the retention system that occupies approximately 5,000 square feet of her 14,000-square-foot roof, it’s easy to see her passion for responsibly managing stormwater runoff in each and every detail. The green roof has many benefits. Among others, it captures and stores rainwater to keep it from entering the city’s grey infrastructure system. It also provides habitat for local species, and it mitigates the heat island effect. Queen B gets along well with her namesake, a thriving beehive has been growing on the southeastern portion of the roof, which she has dedicated to local species. Arguably the best part of the green roof? The sedum is growing faster than Jay-Z’s hair, but is competing neither with native plants or the human plant, Blue Ivy, who also frequents the roof. “She has always been at the forefront of both the music and the stormwater industries,” local Illinois Water Resources Center Outreach Specialist Eli Brown says of the singer’s green efforts, adding, “She’s truly an inspiration.” In other words: “Yaaaaas, Queen!”