Yeehaw Junction, FL – First responders freed two children from a sandbox Thursday afternoon near Yeehaw Junction. Dustin J. Sack had just finished construction on a new backyard sandbox for his children and had filled the play area with new sand from a nearby construction materials supplier. “Everything was great at first. My kids were happy and I went inside to get a refreshment. Then it started to rain and everything went to hell,” says Sack. What the well-meaning father didn’t realize was that he had purchased polymeric sand rather than play sand. Poly Sand, as it is generally known, has special additives that harden when wetted, which is useful when building paver patios to restrict weed growth – but not so much when entertaining kiddos in a backyard. “My kids were screaming, and I thought it was just because of the rain,” Sack reports. “When they didn’t stop yelling, I went out back. Their little feet were cemented into the sandbox and their arms waving all about.” Sack quickly dialed 911. First responders arrived and used miniature jaws-of-life to free the worried tots. Florida Department of Family Services is investigating the incident.