Fargo, ND – Illustrious French chef Remy (of Ratatouille fame) was found nearly drowned in a grocery store parking lot infiltration trench in Fargo late Sunday night. Following intense rainfall, the stormwater surge propelled the talented rodent straight into the stormwater detention structure, where he was immediately overtaken by the sheer amount of water. Emergency services were quick to respond, though Remy is lucky he happened to be wearing his adorable chef’s hat at the time of the incident. “Without that hat, we would have thought he was just another rodent scavenging for scraps from the parking lot,” said police chief Dale Muskenbutter. Remy himself was vocal about the situation, stating to reporters, “Squeak squeak squeak! Squeak squeak. Squeak, squeak squeak.” Infiltration trenches are commonly utilized to manage stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces, such as parking lots. However, soil porosity is an important characteristic to ensure the system is functioning properly. The infiltration trench appeared to be overwhelmed during this storm, as evidenced by Remy’s body floating in the surge. “This event further underscores the need for additional stormwater management facilities,” says City Engineer Linda Boskowitz. “We are fortunate indeed to have such an accomplished culinary figure visit our humble city, and he was nearly washed away because we can’t properly handle our stormwater.”