Orange County, CA – Thad Stallworth and Brody Winston are two bros with many hobbies. Many of their favorite activities are fairly bro-typical: crushing beers, catching waves, and lifting heavy (emphasis theirs) weights. Surprisingly, however, the two also share a deep love of stormwater management techniques. “We just get, like, really freaked sometimes,” says Brody, adding “Sometimes we see poor stormwater management when we’re riding our longboards around town, and I’ll say to my bro Thad, ‘bad drainage, bro’ and he, like, totally gets it.” While their messaging could use some work, the bros have a point. Even in places such as Orange County that receive relatively low amounts of rainfall on an annual basis, stormwater must still be managed properly to avoid erosion, flooding and watershed contamination. “Like Brody was saying, sometimes we just, like, can’t believe how flippin’ bad it gets,” Thad says. “I like to knock on random people’s doors when I’m super hammered and say, ‘Where’s your rain garden, bro?’” Because if there’s anything they care about more than beers and women, it’s stormwater management.