San Diego, CA – As marijuana laws have gradually relaxed throughout the Golden State, so too have humanity’s standards on how to consume the drug. A 19-year-old man, Bobby Peters, was found using a neighbor’s rain barrel to smoke the potent herb, according to The Los Angeles Times, the bong’s possibly record-breaking size not appearing to slow Peters in the least. The owner of the rain barrel, Professor Antonio Ender, laughed off the situation. “Despite its atypical nature, it still counts as a way to learn about proper stormwater management,” he says. Ender continued, “I’ve used this rain barrel as a way to catch runoff from my roof, then reused the water to irrigate my plants. One of those plants happens to be of the marijuana variety, so I can sympathize with the young man.” San Diego County offers a rebate for any homeowner that elects to utilize a rain barrel to manage runoff. Any worry over a conflict between the professor and the young connoisseur seems to have been unfounded, despite the fact that Ender’s barrel now leaks through Peters’ hastily constructed stem with heavy rain. And just like that, another friendship formed over green. Only this time, the culprit was green infrastructure.