Menlo Park – Zuckerberg was overheard bashing the phrase ‘green infrastructure’ Saturday evening at local club “Privacy Policy.” While his feelings on the environment are unclear, his hatred for the term ‘green infrastructure’ burns with the fire of a thousand collapsing suns. “I’m all for the environment, but I’m a simple guy,” Zuckerberg said when questioned why he dislikes a movement that could potentially save thousands of species, humanity included. He explained that he originally wanted to call his social media juggernaut/our future technological overlord “The Facebook,” before his then-team decided it was too complicated. “We dropped the definite article. Sometimes ‘the’ is just too much.” The digital magnate sat in silent thought for a moment. “So yeah. A phrase like ‘green infrastructure’ pretty much makes me want to kill myself.” It remains to be seen how the Zuckerberg’s feelings will impact environmental lingo, but one thing’s for sure: This only makes some people want to use it more.